Plagiarism Policy

  • Articles submitted to The Multidisciplinary Journal of Education, Economic and Culture (MJEEC) will be filtered using the Turnitin software, with a maximum similarity of 25% allowed. Plagiarism includes:
  • 1. Verbatim plagiarism – borrowing another author's language verbatim but not placing it in quotation marks or quoting it properly.
  • 2. Source plagiarism – using someone else's idea without explicitly acknowledging or citing a source.
  • 3. Author plagiarism – presenting another author's work as one's own.
  • 4. Self-plagiarism - the author publishes articles in more than one journal with recycled paper. An important issue related to self-plagiarism is that when citing one's own work, significant changes must be made to the new article. Previous articles may only contain a small portion of the new articles generated. So readers will get new information, which may be inspired but different from previous articles